Volkswagen Recall Department

The NHTSA has a specific threshold for safety, and if a flaw in a part that makes the car’s safety lower than that threshold automatically generates a Recall.


Fix Your Volkswagen Recalls at Our Recall Department in Greenland, NH

Recalls are important messages about your and other cars, and they frequently are urgent. Since these recalls can affect your safety, we want you to get them taken care of right away. Our recall department is the best place in the Greenland area, because we’re a certified Volkswagen service center, meaning we can fix most outstanding recalls for free. There’s no better time to fix a recall than the present, and we’re making it possible for you to do just that.

Volkswagen Recall Department
Recall Department

What Is a Recall?

Recalls are statements released by either the manufacturer of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to tell you about a problem with one of the parts in your car. Recalls come with specific models and VINs to let car owners know if they’re affected or not, and you can even search our plugin to see what recalls, if any, are out on your car.

The Reasons Why You Should Replace a Recalled Part

Recalled parts may not be commonly used, but they’re always vital to your safety. For example, an airbag may be recalled for not firing properly in a collision, and while you don’t use your airbag every day, you want it to be ready on the day it is needed, or even might be needed. Recalled parts are generally replaced for free, so there’s no cost to you except the time we take to make your car safer.


What You Can Do While You Wait

Since your time is valuable, we want you to be treated right during every minute of your service here. That’s why we have a children’s play area for your kids, along with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. We provide business workstations if you have things to take care of, and a quiet room if you just need a break. After we take care of your recall, we’ll also give you a complimentary multi-point inspection, so you can know what your car’s needs are.

Visit Seacoast Volkswagen for Your Recalls

Our number one priority is always your safety, no matter if we’re fixing a recall or replacing a brake pad. We want you to be as safe as possible in your Volkswagen, and to drive it without fear of a problem hurting you or the ones you love. We’re happy to fix any and all recalls that may be out on your vehicle, so set up your appointment online or come in today so that we can take care of you!